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LiteSpeed Support
Litespeed Web Server is an advanced technology server solution focused on speed, performance, security and user satisfaction. It is much faster than Apache and Nginx.
Isolation with CageFS
CageFS provides a separate "cage" for each user, preventing users from accessing each other's resources and being affected by security vulnerabilities.
Antispam and Antivirus Protection
Effectively detect spam, phishing and other known and unknown threats from mails. Quickly protecting your website against malicious individuals. Always stay safe!
Free Backup
Take advantage of our weekly Free backup service, available in all our packages, so that you can restore your website without any hassle in case of any technical problems.
Easy One-Click Installation
More than 500 software packages are just 1 click away! Get rid of complex installation processes by effortlessly installing platforms such as WordPress, OpenCart and hundreds of different softwares.
cPanel Control Panel
Use cPanel, which is one of the most reliable and world-class website management panels, without paying any license fee so that you can manage your website without any problems!

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Website 5 Site 10 Site 20 Site 30 Site
Subdomain Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space 15 GB NVMe 40 GB NVMe 80 GB NVMe 100 GB NVMe
Traffic Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Database Limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Version MariaDB 10.6 MariaDB 10.6 MariaDB 10.6 MariaDB 10.6
PHP Versions 5.6 - 8.2 5.6 - 8.2 5.6 - 8.2 5.6 - 8.2
Core CPU 1 Core 2 Core 4 Core 5 Core
Free Backup 3 days in a week 3 days in a week 3 days in a week 3 days in a week
Inode Limit 300.000 300.000 300.000 300.000
Control Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel
Web Server LiteSpeed LiteSpeed LiteSpeed LiteSpeed
Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate Free Free Free Free
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Install Now with One Click!

You no longer have to deal with a complex and time-consuming installation process. With a single click, you can choose the website platform you want (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.) and complete the setup quickly. With this feature, you can create a professional website without the need for any technical knowledge or coding skills.


What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is a service that allows you to create a separate domain for each website. In this way, you can create your own hosting packages, offer hosting services to your customers and generate income.

In our reseller hosting services, we provide all the necessary physical and technical infrastructure for you to serve your own customers. As KORP Cloud team, we manage technical details such as server management, network connections, security and backup on your behalf. All you have to do is offer these resources for your own customers.

Reseller hosting allows you to grow your business as well as earn additional income. You can charge monthly or annual fees for the hosting service you offer to your customers. At the same time, you can offer a variety of additional features and benefits to delight your customers and increase their loyalty by offering more services.

KORP Cloud Quality

Why Should You Prefer Web Hosting Service?

1. Less costly: Web hosting is a more affordable option compared to server services. This is a cost-cutting factor as multiple clients' sites are hosted on the same server. Also, web hosting services require less technical knowledge than server services, which means less cost.

2. Easy management: Web hosting services is much easier to manage. All the tools necessary to manage your website are prepared for you. You can install the software you want with a single click, easily change the settings you want, and get your site up and running in minutes.

3. Less maintenance: Our web hosting services allow customers to save time and resources to maintain their servers. All necessary optimization and security settings have been made and a redundant infrastructure has been created. All systems are monitored and updated by us.

As a result, our web hosting services can be a viable option for simple websites. For smaller websites such as small businesses or personal websites, web hosting is an affordable, easy-to-manage, technically supported and SEO-friendly option.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answer to your question below, you can reach us 24/7 from our contact information.

Web hosting is a service that makes websites accessible on the internet. It allows users to access your website through servers that host your website's files.

Yes, you can offer your customers their own control panel. In this way, your customers can manage their hosting services.

SSL certificate is a protocol used for the security of your website. It ensures data is encrypted and makes your website accessible over HTTPS. An SSL certificate protects the security of visitors and allows you to rank better in search engines. We provide SSL certificate free of charge in all our hosting services.

Data backup means regular copying and storage of your website data. It allows you to restore your data in case of possible data loss. Data backup is important to ensure the continuity and security of your website.

Yes, weekly backups are provided free of charge on all our hosting services. If you want to get more frequent backups, you can customize your order at the purchasing step. If you have any questions, you can reach us 24/7 through our communication channels.

Reseller hosting offers more control and customization, while shared hosting is a more cost-effective option. You can make your choice depending on your needs and goals.

In all our Web Hosting services, we use strong firewalls, SSL certificates, DDoS protection, security software as security measures, and we periodically update our systems. The security of your website will increase without you doing anything and it will protect against malicious attacks.

You can switch to the upper package from your user panel at any time. Invoice by subtracting the price difference between your preferred package and your current package, and your service will automatically switch to the upper package after the invoice is paid. All these processes take place completely automatically within 5 minutes.

Yes, it is possible, but this option requires a higher level of technical knowledge and usually comes with higher costs.

Yes, we migrate up to 20 websites for free. It is enough to reach our technical team through the post-purchase support request. We will help you with all the technical issues that come to your mind, and we will do your website migration without any problems.

• We offer a simple and user-friendly mail handling and management system.
• We enable you to use your applications without professional support.
• We offer a fast and effective user experience.
• We care about user satisfaction and work to meet the expectations of our customers.
• We enable you to use popular applications such as WordPress without any problems.
• We deliver quality web hosting service quickly.
• We have a high uptime rate and ensure that your website is accessible without interruption.
• We provide protection against external attacks with security measures.
• We provide PHP support, enabling you to create dynamic and interactive websites.
• With a high-performance hosting system, we ensure that your website works fast.
• We enable you to do more with lower costs.
• We facilitate the management of your website by offering special tools for webmasters.