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Hosting and Reseller Services

1- Hosting With We Take Automatic Server Backups Every 3 Days In Our Reseller Services. However, these backups are backups for possible system failures. Customers are obliged to take their own spares, our company can share the spares with customers as an initiative based on goodwill .

2- In case of problems that may arise from hardware or software in Hosting , Reseller and SEO Reseller Servers, the Service Owner is responsible for his own backup. Our company is never responsible.

3- Backups are valid for sites not exceeding 2 GB. Since the sites over 2 GB will be out of the scope of backup, our company can never be held responsible for the problems that may occur on these sites. The Customer is Obligated to Take His Own Backup.

Virtual Server Services

1- No backup is taken by our company considering the backup system costs for VDS and Dedicated Servers. However, our support team provides the necessary assistance in terms of customer satisfaction in the configuration requests of our customers regarding backup. Even though the backup configuration is done by our company, the control of the operability of the backups should definitely be done by the customer. Our company does not accept responsibility in case of a possible problem.

Our company cannot be held responsible for data loss that may occur as a result of any hardware or disk failure, as the service is provided by deducting the backup costs and backup is not made. If a paid backup service is not received, the responsibility is entirely with the user. No claim can be made from our company in this regard.

Physical Server Services

1- There is absolutely no paid or free backups on physical servers that are rented or hosted.

2- All Backup Responsibility Belongs to the User Who Rents or Hosts the Server, Our Company Will Not Take Any Responsibility In A Possible Situation.

Paid Backups

1- The spares, paid for, are selected for 3 - 7 days at the time of order. These backups are stored on our company's backup servers on behalf of our customers. In case of a possible malfunction, our customers can request these backups by opening a support request.

2- The customer who receives the backup service can request a maximum of 7 backups within a month, and a separate charge will be made for the requests for more than 7 units.

3- Since the backups are taken as image backups on a server basis, our company is not responsible if the backups are corrupted or if the site is backed up when it is broken.


Accounts whose payment period has passed 7 days are deleted from the servers. For this reason, since the accounts that have expired and deleted, including the backups taken, will be deleted from the servers, the customers cannot demand a backup at the end of the service period. Our company cannot be held responsible for a possible victimization due to this reason.