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Standard Features

Our Certifications and Distinctive Features that we offer across all of our Services.

Redundant Network Access

IP KVM Ready for 24/7

Tier III+ Datacenters

%99.9 Uptime

GDPR Compliant

PCI DSS v3.2.1

ISO 9001 Quality Management

ISO 27001 Information Security

DDoS Protection

Advantageous Plan Features

Discover powerful performance with advantageous plans customized to your needs!

Premium Network Connection
Access all over the world with low ping with our operator independent redundant network infrastructure and peering with providers such as Cogent and Cloudflare!
Free Installation and Optimization
We install the operating system and control panel you want free of charge. We make the necessary security configurations and basic level optimization and deliver them flawlessly.
Advanced Security
We use a specially configured Advanced Firewall. In this way, we provide a safer environment by protecting your servers from network attacks. Stay ahead of threats with our Advanced Firewall!
Backup Options
With our monthly, weekly and daily backup options according to your needs, we can safely protect your data both off-site and on-site. Your data always in safe!
Free Technical Support
Our professional technical support team is ready to assist you 24/7 to provide the best service to our customers. You can easily contact us if you have any problems.
New Generation Hardwares
We offer a high-performance and reliable service by using the latest hardware on our servers. It is equipped with features such as cutting-edge processors, DDR4 ECCs and NVMe M.2 disk.

General Features of Our Dedicated Server Services

Meet a service that offers customized solutions for companies that want to achieve the highest performance: Dedicated Servers.

Compared to cloud services, Dedicated servers offer our customers more customization options. Dedicated servers that can be adjusted to the needs of your business provide ideal performance and storage space.

Another advantage of Dedicated servers is data security. Because they belong to a single organization, they are less vulnerable to attacks and more controllable. High processing power is ideal for high-performance operations such as big data processing, virtual machine management or complex calculations. Dedicated servers, which are also more suitable for high traffic websites, require more resources due to their high access rates.

We prefer Dedicated servers to provide a customized, secure and high-performance service to our customers. Thanks to these servers with the highest processing power, we can process big data, manage virtual machines and offer an ideal solution for high-traffic websites. Thanks to our Dedicated servers designed in accordance with the needs of our customers, we continue to provide the highest quality service.


Advantages of Our Dedicated Server Services

1. Reliability: In our Dedicated server services, your servers are activated with a network connection from different operators and backed up over 2 different switches. In this way, businesses can better serve your customers by providing an uninterrupted working environment.

2. Performance: Dedicated servers offer higher performance than cloud-based servers. Businesses can run their high-performance applications smoothly.

3. Customize: Dedicated servers offer the possibility to easily make customized settings. In this way, businesses can configure their servers according to their needs.

4. Data Privacy: Dedicated servers are a better option for businesses to protect the privacy of their data. By hosting your business's sensitive data on your own servers, you can have more control over data security.

5. Cost: Dedicated server rental is often more cost-effective when considered a long-term solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answer to your question below, you can reach us from our contact information.

Dedicated server rental is a service for the provision of hardware resources for hosting a website or application. In this service, a server is rented and given to the use of the customer. The leased server can be customized and managed directly by the customer according to the needs of the customer.

Dedicated server rental is preferred because of its many advantages. These include higher performance, better security, more customization options, scalability, greater flexibility, better control and management features. In addition, Dedicated server rental provides a stronger and more stable infrastructure than hosting services.

Dedicated server rental is ideal for businesses that want to host large-scale websites or applications. In addition, Dedicated server rental may be preferred if companies need a different infrastructure than cloud-based solutions due to their special needs. Dedicated server rental can also be used, especially for hosting high-traffic websites or private databases.

The cost of a Dedicated server rental service can vary depending on the server's features, size, and customer's needs. Typically, Dedicated server rental is more expensive than shared hosting or cloud solutions, but offers higher performance, security, and customization options. It is important for customers who want to get Dedicated server rental services to first determine their needs and make a plan that fits their budget.

When purchasing Dedicated server rental services, it is necessary to pay special attention to security. It is important to keep servers up-to-date, perform regular backups, and enforce strict access controls. In addition, upon your request, we can provide additional protection to your server using firewalls, anti-virus software and other security tools.

In the dedicated server rental service, the maintenance of the server is done by our company. However, it is also possible for customers to have a certain level of control over the server. Routine backups, updates, and hardware repairs are usually done to maintain the server. These additional transactions are subject to fees and are priced on demand.

The main difference between dedicated server rental and cloud-based solutions is that their infrastructures are different. dedicated server lease is based on real hardware resources and servers are available to the customer for a certain period of time. Therefore, renting a dedicated server often provides higher performance and customization options. Cloud-based solutions are based on virtual servers and work on a pay-per-use model. Therefore, cloud-based solutions are more flexible and scalable, but they do not offer as many customization options as dedicated server rentals.

Renting a dedicated server may vary depending on operating hours and what features of the server need to be customized. Typically, installing and getting a standard server up and running can take from a few hours to a few days. However, customization processes that require special hardware or software may take longer. You can get clear information about when the server will be ready by contacting the customer support team.

You can perform operations such as IP management and DNS management through the customer panel. In addition, additional IP addresses can be provided or existing IP addresses can be managed in case you want to use more than one IP address on your servers.