About KORP

In our changing and developing world, under the leadership of technology, standards gain meaning again and undergo differentiation. This change, which puts security at the forefront and makes it necessary to facilitate high-dimensional storage, has brought cloud services to the fore. Cloud computing systems, which are used by hundreds of thousands of people and where institutionalism is a basic necessity, have taken on a more accessible structure with Korp. With its low cost, optimized high performance, easy-to-manage and easy-to-follow interface and regular backup functions, Korp Cloud Services improves its customer portfolio day by day with the reference of current users, and continues its industry-leading approach professionally.

Established in Bursa, Korp provides hosting and domain services, in addition to cloud services, by going beyond the provincial borders - in a language suitable for the requirements of digital.

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Corporate Information

KORP Software and Information Technologies Limited Company


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Beşevler Mahallesi Yıldırım Caddesi 274/1C Nilüfer/Bursa

Mission and Vision

Regardless of the service offered by Korp and requested by the customer, being a leader in the sector where technology is developed is the basic brand responsibility. Based on the fact that the services offered in fast and active systems are the basic building blocks of well-functioning structures, it is Korp's mission to maximize the customer experience. Data that has the potential to be vital to your business, to the security of your applications and more; You can count on Korp to reach peak performance again.

Time passes much faster than yesterday and technological differentiation is achieved in a short time. With this awareness, it is Korp's global vision to have a say in the evolution of technology and to offer the most reliable, powerful and innovative infrastructure in cloud services. Korp, which follows the sectoral developments globally and takes it as a duty to develop its personnel with up-to-date trainings so that what is special for you always stays special, aims to direct the sector beyond fulfilling the requirements of the sector.


Co-Development; Technology is a constantly evolving phenomenon that can be carried forward with stakeholders. With this awareness, Korp has adopted the method of joint development with its internal and external stakeholders, and has adopted the understanding of "being a team member rather than a service provider".

Benefit for Humanity; Established within the borders of Bursa, Korp is a domestic brand that has succeeded in carrying the open source solutions it developed beyond the borders. It considers the value of "benefit to humanity" in the services it provides.

Continuous Improvement; Directing the change is possible with R&D. Incorporating this understanding throughout the brand and orienting it separately in each unit, Korp has included continuous development among its values.

Technology Infrastructure

Our cloud infrastructure is extremely strong and robust. Our system is designed with N+1 redundant network structure, so that in case of any possible disruption, our systems are automatically redirected to backup systems and continue to provide uninterrupted service.

In addition, thanks to our infrastructure hosted by Tier3+ data centers, we offer a service that provides high security, high speed and high availability. In this way, our customers can be assured that their data is securely stored.

We trust to our system that supports high data volume, our customers can store large amounts of data and process it quickly. This means speeding up business processes and increasing customer satisfaction.

The technology infrastructure of our cloud infrastructure is designed to provide an uninterrupted and secure service to our customers.

4 Different Locations

+50 Physical Servers
800 TB Total Data Volume

Tier 3+ Datacenters

N+1 Redundant Network