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What is a Domain?

Domain is the name of a website on the internet. A domain is an address that identifies and provides access to websites. It is an easily remembered domain name that people use to access websites. For example, domains like "example.com" or "google.com" represent the names of websites.

Domains are associated with IP addresses and become accessible via web browsers. Domains play important roles such as brand promotion, corporate identity creation and providing internet users with easy access to websites.

All Domains and Price List

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Domain Name Extension New Registration Fee Transfer Fee Renewal Fee
.com $13,49 $12,49 $13,49
.io $57,49 $72,49 $72,49
.xyz $1,24 $14,88 $14,88
.dev $24,99 $24,99 $24,99
.net $17,49 $17,49 $17,49
.org $9,36 $17,49 $17,49
.info $4,99 $28,74 $28,74
.biz $21,94 $23,12 $21,94
.co $35,75 $33,75 $35,75
.in $8,74 $8,74 $8,74
.site $1,24 $32,50 $32,50
.mobi $6,86 $33,74 $33,74
.top $2,49 $11,24 $11,24
.name $13,12 $13,12 $13,12
.host $130,00 $130,00 $130,00
.pro $4,99 $28,74 $28,74
.tv $36,38 $36,38 $36,38
.club $17,80 $17,80 $17,80
.de $10,51 $10,51 $10,51
.us $15,38 $15,38 $15,38
.ru $32,50 $0,00 $32,50
.es $14,94 $0,00 $14,94
.me $6,86 $27,49 $27,49
.bz $30,62 $30,62 $30,62
.ca $18,62 $18,62 $18,62
.cc $16,38 $16,38 $16,38
.cn $28,74 $28,74 $28,74
.la $40,62 $40,62 $40,62
.com.tr $1,91 $2,05 $1,99
.icu $3,74 $16,24 $16,24

Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answer to your question below, you can reach us 24/7 from our contact information.

The most common domain name tlds used in the world are com, net, and org. However, registering only the .com tld for the domain name you wish to register the domain may create an inconvenient situation for your brand or website in the future. Anyone else can register and use tlds you have not registered, even if this is not intentional, it may be uncomfortable for your brand.

To be a website owner, you must first register a domain name. You can think of a domain name registration as a trademark registration service. The registration service ensures that the domain for which you have purchased the rights for a given period is recorded on your behalf during the period of use and is not used by different people.

Of course, you can use the management system in your client area to perform all the operations related to domain services.

When you pay by credit card, your order is immediately confirmed, payments made by money transfer / EFT are confirmed by one of our staff.

We send you SMS and email reminder messages before the expiration of your domain name.

You have to upload a document for some domain names. (Sample extensions EU and US) These documents will be requested by our staff after the order process. You can see the extensions that require documents in the price list on our domain name registration page.

Enters the renewal and recovery period, respectively, after the date when the registration period for your domain name ends. In these periods, if you have no renewal / recovery for your domain, your right to the domain name will be lost and your domain name may be registered by someone else.

The whois information is visible to everyone as standard. You can hide your information by activating the whois protection feature from your domain panel during and after ordering.